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19 January 2011 @ 09:54 pm
paints me blue  
023 feeling sentimental for days gone by

i hate january; something about it always strikes me as off. maybe it's the letdown after the anticipation of christmas, the feeling that you've got the rest of the year stretching out in front of you, almost indomitable. it's cold, it's grey. usually i'm alright with that, but in january, i'm always bothered. this january has been particularly strange, and this mix sort of reflects that.

paints me blue: a mix for january 2011

i. nothing get's crossed out...bright eyes
(...like when i fell under the weight of a schoolboy crush, started carrying her books and doing lots of drugs, i almost forgot who i was but i came to my senses, now i'm trying to be assertive, i'm making plans, going to rise to the occasion, yeah, meet all their demands, but all i do is just lay in bed, and hide under the covers, yeah, i know i should be brave, but i'm just too afraid of all this change...)

ii. love will tear us apart...susanna and the magical orchestra
(...why is the bedroom so cold, turned away on your side, is my timing that flawed, our respect runs so dry, yet there's still this appeal that we've kept all our lives...)

iii. the hypnotist's son...emmy the great
(...you made me fall over, and i hit my head, now i can't remember anything that you said, but i dreamed i was you, and i dreamed i was dead, when i woke up i carved your name into my bed, it's liked i missed all the memos, and i missed the boat, and a meteor shower is headed for my throat, bang bang, smack, ouch...)

iv. shut up i am dreaming of places where lovers have wings...sunset rubdown
(..i'm afraid of the water, i'm afraid of the sky, i'm tired of waiting, oceans never listen to us anyway, oceans never listen to us anyway, and if i fall into the drink, i will say your name before i sink, oceans never listen to us anyway, so don't make a sound, don't make a sound...)

v. modern romance...yeah yeah yeahs
(...time, time is gone, it stops, stops who it wants, well i was wrong, it never lasts, and there is no, well, this is no modern romance...)

vi. what he wrote...laura marling
(...her skin is white and i'm light as the sun, so holy light shines on the things you have done, so i asked him how he became this man, how did he learn to hold fruit in his hand, and where is the lamb that gave you your name, he had to leave, though i begged him to stay, left me alone when i needed the light, fell to my knees, and i wept for my life, if he had of stayed, you might understand, if he had of stayed, you would never have taken my hand...)

vii. record year...the decemberists
(...i read in the paper today, it's been a record year for rainfall, and you were leaning against the bathroom wall in your lonely dress, was your only dress, stand accusing across, i got a temper set for tender, and you shrugging it off like a feather, saying oh, would you look at this weather, and what's the use of this, it's to remember you in the entire, cos i'm watching it slip away, and in the annals of the empire did it look this grey before the fall...)

viii. no signs of pain...azure ray
(...and no, i don't understand how they forget, and some will just pass us by, and take what they can get, and no, i don't understand how weightless they must be without feeling, without feeling, without feeling...)

ix.  cinderella...aqualung
(...i'm on a roll, everything i touch turns to shit, it's taking it's toll, can anybody get me off it, stuck on a roll, and it's wearing thin, i remember that night, no wet eyes, no crossroads, no mention of fate, just a poor decision, be careful what you hope and you pray for, you know you only get what you pay for, and i can hear the ticking of timebombs for poor cinderella...)

x. sugar and spice...basia bulat
(...i remember you did in the sugar and spice and sin, i couldn't believe the place you were putting us in, but i listen to you, and your voice takes me out of my skin, oh oh oh how i've done myself in, oh oh oh how i've done myself in...)

xi. she paints me blue...something corporate
(...tonight i'll watch the lights go out in your house, wondering how i could get so deep, and you could still get to sleep, in vain i'll blame my trembling on the cold air, but i can't hide that i've relied on you, like yellow does on blue, and you're my good feeling, i'm kneeling, inside her room she paints me blue, and you are my reason for breathing, inside her room she paints me blue again...)

xii. please please please let me get what i want...she & him
(...haven't had a dream in long time, see, the life i've had could make a good man turn bad, so for once in my life, let me get what i want, lord knows it would be the first time...)

xiii. new year's kiss..casiotone for the painfully alone
(...woke up fingers crossed in a boy's bed, with your pants off, after polite declines of coffee and toast, walked home itching in last night's closed, past the phone booth and the beauty bar, the broken windows of your neighbors' cars, through the backdoor to a message from chris asking who was your new year's kiss, took the afternoon to piece it all, plus a half a dozen phone calls, crashed a party with larissa and chris in pursuit of a new year's kiss, not the way that you imagined it, on a balcony with champagne lips, but in the pantry against the pancake mix, you had your new year's kiss...)

xiv. delicate...damien rice
(...we might kiss when we are alone, when nobody's watching, we might take it home, and we might make out when nobody's there, and it's not that we're scared, it's just that it's delicate, so why did you fill my sorrow with the words you've borrowed from the only place you've known, and why do you sing hallelujah if it means nothing to you, why'd you sing with me at all...)

xv. dress up in you...belle & sebastian
(...you got lucky, you ain't talking to me now, little miss plucky, pluck your eyebrows for the crowd, get on the aeroplane, you give me stomach pain, i wish that you were here, we would've had a lot to talk about, we had a deal then, we nearly signed it with our blood, an understanding, i thought that you would keep your word, i'm disappointed, i'm aggravated, it's a fault i have, i know, if things don't go my way i have to blow up in the face of my rivals, i scream and rant, i make quite an arrival, the men are surprised by the language, they act so discreet, they are hypocrites so fuck them...)

xvi. power, seduction, cries...clint mansell

xvii. lightness...death cab for cutie
(...there's a tear in the fabric in your favorite dress and i'm sneaking glances, looking for the patterns and static, they start to make sense the longer i'm at it, ivory lines lead, oh whoa, oh whoa, your heart is a river that flows from your chest through every organ, your brain is the dam, and i am the fish who can't reach the core, ivory lines lead, oh whoa, oh, whoa, oh, instincts are misleading, you shouldn't think what you're feeling, they don't tell you what you know you should want...)

xviii. are you hurting the one you love...florence + the machine
(...are you hurting the one you love when they watch the walls and the ticking clock, are you hurting the one you love, or was it something you could not stop...)

xix. l.g. fuad...motion city soundtrack
(...i want to know how it feels to be awkward and innocent, not belligerent, i want to know how it feels to be useful and pertinent, and have common sense, yeah, let me in, let me into the club cos i want to belong and i need to get strong, and if memory serves i'm addicted to words and their useless...)

xx.  i felt your shape...the microphones
(...i thought i felt your shape, but i was wrong, really all i felt was falsely strong, i held on tight and closed my eyes, it was dumb, i had no sense of your size, it was dumb to hold so tight, but last night, on the birthday in the kitchen, my grip was loose, my eyes were open, i felt your shape and heard you breathing, i felt the rise and fall of your chest, i felt your fall, your winter snows, your gusty blow, your lava flow, i felt it all, your starry night, your lack of light, with limp arms i can feel most of you...)

xxi. lately...the helio sequence
(...lately, i don't get lost in daydreams, i never lie awake at night staring in my bed, and i don't think about your face or anything you've said, and i don't think twice when someone says your name, or twist my mind in circles wondering who of us to blame...)

xxii. it's tough to have a crush...ok go
(well it's tough to have a crush, whoever knew such hullabaloo, well it's tough to have a crush, when it only leaves you blue, perhaps they'll find you in the river in a month or two, well it's tough (so tough) to crush on you...)

xxiii.  drinking song...jenny owen youngs
(...everywhere i look i see your face, no button i can push, delete, erase, got nothing straight but the emptiness, no one left for me to miss, i've been mapping it out, i don't know what's wrong with me, but i wish that it was something else, i've been mapping it out, maybe you should find a girl who cares about herself...)

xxiv. sleepless...the decemberists
(...wished for gold so i could buy you a palace by the riverside, you'd come in and i would fill your diamond chalice, you were still alive, but this cup of wine, all salt and brine, it makes me sleepy, and sorrow sows a field of tears that never yield a single penny, but i don't know, i've got nothing to hold on to, i've got nothing to hold on to...)

xxv.  song for someone...the frames
(...drying up in conversation, my head was halfway round the world, working through your sleeping hours, driven by the promise of a quick return, and i wonder if she'll be the very same, and i wonder if she's going to break the waves again, i'm just trying to focus on the good, i'm tired of diving for the pearls, and every dawn is another morning less i have to wait to wake beside that girl, and i hope she's going to be the very same, and i hope she can survive this wave again, and if we're all for someone, and if we're born for someone, when will she come, that someone, and put things in their place...)

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Reiko K.reikokatsura on January 20th, 2011 03:46 am (UTC)
Just reading the lyrics of the first song clued me in that I was going to love this mix. And after going through the entire thing, I can honestly say that I really, really do.

This mix is just so gorgeous. Very January-ish, if that makes sense. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! *Happily Downloads*
That's what she said.: He got feet down below his knees.scatterbrain___ on January 20th, 2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
I can't wait to listen to this. I have the bright eyes, and I Felt Your Shape is one of my all time favorite songs, so just from that I know I'm going to love it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
we're marching on: [L] Parker; gambling to winmyfloralbonnet on January 26th, 2011 06:29 am (UTC)
Marvelous mix! Downloading.